Guatemala, Over and Out

Guatemala, Over and Out

Well, friends who read this blog (aka mom) this is my last post…. kind of weird. In just an hour I will be set apart as a missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. I am so thrilled for this opportunity. Ever since I was little I had the desire to serve a mission. I distinctly remember when my Aunt Jenn left for her mission that I made the decision that I too was going to go, and now is my chance. “The field is white and ready to harvest” and now I am ready to go. I would like to leave my testimony with you all. I know that this church is true, everything in me knows. I know that we all have a loving Heavenly Father who is so very aware of us which is truly beautiful. I know that our Savior, our brother, Jesus Christ died for us. I have of and in the Atonement. I know that Joseph Smith restored this church and that he was a living prophet. I know The Book of Mormon to be true. I am grateful for the opportunity to teach this gospel. I leave these things with you. in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

My address in the MTC is:
Sister Alyssa Lee Edwards
Guatemala Guatemala City North Mission
Avenida Reforma 8-60, Zona 9, Oficina505
Apartado Postal 921-A
01009 Guatemala City
My email is:


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