I Have Confidence in Sunshine

Oh it has been a little too long my dear blog, but no worries I am back and have some thoughts to share.  Just recently I moved home…. okay I am still working on moving home (who knew I coud have collected so much stuff over two years).  I truly love being home with my family they are just a bunch of crazies but perfect crazies.  I was able to celebrate Mothrer’s Day with my mom this year and it probably was my favorite one yet.  My sis Karlee and I prepared breakfast and a pinata to start the morning.  There is no way that I could ever express my complete love and gratitude for my mom.  She is so patient and helpful with me.  There definitely is a God and he knows exactly who we all need in our lives.  There is a reason that each of us here have been blessed with certain people.

Now some thoughts about the mission.  I am leaving for Guatemala in 15 days.  My time in America is becoming more and more short but after some real thought I know that I am ready.   I think that a lot of people lack confidence in themselves (or that could just be me).  This is something that I have been struggling with.  How am I sopposed to go and do the work that I need to when I am so hard on myself.  More recebtly this struggle of mine has been answered.  Even though I may be lacking in confidence, My Heavenly Father has all of the confidence that I need.  If he did not know of my potential he could and would not send me to teach of His Gospel.  I have confidence in the Lord and he has confidence in me.  I am ready, I am willing, and I am capable.


One thought on “I Have Confidence in Sunshine

  1. I have heard President Monson say, “Whom the Lord calls, the Lord qualifies.” I know this is true, and it gives me hope looking beyond my own inadequacies. I know that when we are on the Lord’s errand, he will be with us, he will strengthen us, he will build our capacities. I have experienced it. I have felt his lifting Spirit. In the months and years ahead, I will need him so very much. Elder Anderson April 1993

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