A Latter-Day Voice

A Latter-Day Voice

So, this past semester I had one of the greatest opportunities of my life (besides from getting my mission call DUH) and that was to perform in Latter-Day Voices. Little did I ever think that I would make it into this choir or even in the grander scheme everything that this choir did for me in a matter of months. I spent hours with these 88 people learning, growing, crying, singing, teaching, praising, loving, laughing, praying, and yelling Guatemala. This past weekend I had the chance to perform in our Spring show entitled “In Defense of Families”. This alone is an extremely cherished memory of mine. Along with this, my family came up to the show. To be able to share my testimony of this sweet Gospel to them through music weeks before I leave on my mission was something so beautiful. I cannot thank the people in this picture enough. They truly have prepared me to go to Guatemala and teach and love. I truly am grateful to be able to share my testimony, being a Latter-Day Voice. GUATEMALA!


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