Guate Baby

Guate Baby

A few months ago my life was changed when I received a piece of paper that invited me to serve a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. I just wanted to reiterate some of the feelings that I had that night just so they could be documented for my mother basically…. kidding mother. I was surrounded by the people that I love which is such an amazing feeling. When reading through the call I had the most perfect feeling. Knowing that I am supposed to go to Guatemala is really one of the most comforting feelings that I have ever felt. As soon as I saw that I was going straight to Guatemala scared my slightly. I obviously am rather white and my espanol es pequito….. I am so so so so so exctied though. What a grand adventure it is to be able to serve for something that I love so dearly. The Church is true y’all.


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