If I won an Emmy, this is what I would say…. almost

Shall we play the “I’m Grateful Game”?  Alyssa Edwards please come down to the front and share with the wonderful people who read this what you are grateful for!

What am I grateful for?  Well a whole lot currently.  I am grateful for my sweet family.  The kind of are a bunch of weirdos from a dad who thinks he is super funny to a mom who I stress out daily. I am thankful for my roomies.  You have all me Lynae, but I am so so so blessed to have more than her.  I have sweet Brindalynn Ballerina Baby who helps me get my homework done and sometimes puts my laundry away ( I know I am completely pathetic no need to tell remind me), then there is J-Smash who just recently started showing a super sassy side that I think we all enjoy, and finally there is Tornado (I guess we can include Mike in there too because whenever I see Tori, Mike is there too) who no matter what can make light of a situation and can make anyone feel better about themselves.  I am also thankful for the past two days of conference and the activities that have ensued.  I got to hang out with some pretty fun people and listen to the words of some spiritual giants.  Lastly, I am thankful for dinner at G-mas, she is a rockstar and will most likely be performing in my choir show! HOLLER to my G-ma who is such a babe!   That is what I am thankful for.  Life is good, even when things seem a little rough (or super rough) there is always so much good.  “My kindness shall not depart from thee” what a promise from our sweet Heavenly Father.  There is so much to be thankful for.


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