One of the Besties

One of the Besties

This past year I have been blessed to live with some amazing girls that have really helped me and changed me. I never thought that so much could happen in a year…. but it can. Sorry roomies but this little post is for Lynae (Bae, Liberachi, Liberation, Liber and onions, mama nae nae, the list goes on). This girl right here is more courageous than a lot of 22 year olds. She has over come more than most people have to deal with in their entire lives. That is not why she is such an example to me. She is an example to me because when she does have a trial she holds her head high, she walks through the darkness and does not look back. She has dealt with so much more than I could ever but even when I have some silly problem she breaks down whatever I have to deal with and helps me solve my problem. Bae Bae, I love you dearly and this is going to pass and you are going to rock it so hard. Thanks for everything I am better because of you. Stay tuned for the next roomie showcase.


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