Brain vomit on the Gospel

Brain vomit on the Gospel

Saturday was the day, the day that all girls have engraved into their brains…. okay it was not marriage, I had the opportunity to go through the temple. This has been the check point that I have been waiting months to do. This means that I have 59 days until I enter the Guatemala MTC. This whole mission preparation thing is kind of rough. I just want to go already and serve the great people of Guatemala. Putting these last two months before I leave in perspective it seems like nothing. I have a month left of school which just seems nuts. I have one month to spend with the greatest people I know. I have been so blessed to know such wonderful people and have some great roomies (this is where I do a little shout out to them, Holler back to Tori, Bae, Brindalynn, and J-Smash I love you girls more than bunnies and I really love bunnies). After the finals I move home and will have 23 days until I fly out of Las Vegas and leave my family for 18 months. I am so blessed to have this opportunity and I am so grateful to leave my family to teach others that they can be with theirs forever. It is a truly beautiful thing that families have the opportunity to live forever with each other and it is only because of the love of Jesus Christ. Which is why I am thankful for Easter. We celebrate that Christ rose and lived so that we all could live.


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