Los Padres

Los Padres

See these two folks here, well they are the makers of me. And boy do they love me and I love them! Let me tell you a little about these cuties. The man in the suh-weet sweater is my dad. He has taught me a lot of things that I could not have taught myself. He taught me how to pump up a bike tire and how to be a leader, he taught me how to be an example and how to share my testimony, he taught me the stories of the scriptures and he taught me to be brave, he taught me to do things that scared me and he taught me to laugh at myself. He really is one heck of a guy and I am so grateful for him everyday. Now, my mom, she is my rock, she is my best friend, I tell her things that I cannot tell anyone else. She too has taught me a few things. She taught me how to ride the bike that my dad taught me how to pump, she taught me how to love everyone and how to be their friend, she taught me that my sisters are going to be my best friends, she taught me how to the dishes, she taught me how to take care of animals, she taught me how to cook, she taught me that complaining is going to get me no where, she taught me how to love the Gospel, she taught me about the sacredness of temples, and she taught me that I am a daughter of God. These two cutie kiddos are great examples to me. They are best friends and I see that everyday. The love between these two is true and eternal and something that I wish one day to have as well. I chose darn well when I picked my parents out in Heaven. I love you mom and dad!


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