My Honey Boo Boos

My Honey Boo Boos

The girls that I love the most and every day hope to be more and more like are these three nuts. My sisters are the greatest girls in the whole world and each have taught me something different. Karlee (the beautiful blond mermaid) taught me drive and determination. That kid knows what she wants and one day will rule the world and what a good world it would be. She has such a beautiful testimony of Jesus Christ that I love to hear. She has taught me so much about the Gospel. And on top of being a superstar, she is so good at soccer. She has it all. Next, is my sweet Makenzie Noel (gray cardigan). She has the sweetest spirit. She can make friends with virtually anything: people, cats, trees, you name it, she has befriended it. She is so artistic and talented. She is as demure as a lamb which is something I cherish from her sweet heart. She is a diva too, but that is minor. Now, lastly Ari bIrd (if you guessed pink vest you nailed it). This kid smarter than I will ever be, I like to think that I taught her all she knows. This sweet sister is more loyal than a golden retriever and I know that she will have my back. She is definitely a princess, but if I could pull off a pink furry vest like she does I would be a princess too. These are the examples in my life and I love them more than anything in the world. Everyday I work harder to be a better sister and a better example to them. I know they will grow up and all do something great.


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