Here is Hope

All through primary up to now we have been told and retold the story of Christ healing the leper.  I have never really pondered on this story other than looking at it as a mere miracle that we can add to the list of miracles the Savior performed.  As I have been having difficulties of feeling worthy, feeling that I am something, realizing my divine nature, just an abundance of insecurities, I passed by this story again but new light was shed on it.  Being a leper was not simply having a cold, or a bad head ache, being poor, it was much much more.  People did not look at lepers, they did not have compassion on them.  Lepers were cast out from the cities leaving them with nothing.  But, there was one person who saw them more than a diseased person.  The Savior, he looked at them in the eye, he held their spotted hand, he spoke to them, and he blessed them.  Some one that was considered lower than low, the Savior gave aid to.

I can personally tell you that I have felt pretty low and worthless, but there is no one that is too low that the Savior cannot reach.  He will look at us all in the eye, He will hold our hands, He will talk to us and give us counsel, and He will bless us.  There is a reason why we call him our Savior.  He literally saves and redeems each and every one us.  Something that I have been studying lately is the Atonement and powerful lessons have I learned from that.  Because of the Atonement our Savior can succor those that need to be succored, those that need to be forgiven can be forgiven, those that have a broken heart can be mended.  The Atonement is infinite as is our Savior.

Well, I hope I did not get too preachy.  I am truly grateful for what I am learning.  I do not want to admit it, but some of the struggles that I have been dealing with I am grateful for as well.  Sometimes I get caught up in the trials that I am going through and only look down to wallow in my sorrows.  I realize that there is a much greater power that can help me.  A power that can give me strength when I can go no farther, a power that can give me courage when I feel so alone, a power that can give me peace when it seems like the noise will never cease.  What a blessing to have the knowledge of that and what a blessing for the opportunity to share that with the people of Guatemala.  There is hope, our Savior is Hope.