Final Word from Guatemala…..

Well she sums it nicely and we can hardly wait to see her tomorrow and work on getting her back to 100% and feeling good.

Date: Mon, 9 Jun 2014 12:54:20 -0600

Well folks this is my last letter from Guatemala…….

My heart hurts a lot a lot to say this but I have seen many miracles pass in just the past few months but I would like to share some of my last thoughts with you all.

This last Friday I recieved a call from my mission President asking me how I would feel to go home early….. I told him that I have gone 1 year with these pains and problems that 6 more months was nothing…… I was told that is not how it works. That night I could not sleep I spent the night praying and pleading, we are told that if we ask having faith that we will receive…… well the key for that is we have to ask for what God wants for us. I started to pray for peace and to understand the will of God because I kind of knew what was going to happen.

The next morning we returned to the hospital where they sucked more blood from me. The test results came back and the doctors told me that they could not do anything more for me. Now that is hard to hear that the best doctors in Guate could not help me anymore. I started bawling right then and there in the hospital….. people probably thought that some one died in my family.

I have had some time to think what has happened during this past year, I am so grateful for my mission, I am grateful for the pains and the successes. I truly have been blessed to have served such a full mission, in 1 year. It is still hard for me to think that tomorrow I will be getting on a plane, but I have so much peace in my heart that this is what God wants for me. I am a little lost but it is okay because at times we have to take a blind step into the dark and then we will start to see the light. I know God is leading me, and I know He won’t leave me. I know these next few weeks are going to be hard, but I was taught a few years back that I can do hard things, I do not doubt that for a minute. I can live in Guatemala with health problems that have really tested me. But is por medio these things that my faith has grown a ton and my hope. More than anything I have hope. I have hope that all will be okay. I have hope in Gods plan for me. I have hope that I am leaving the people I love here in the hands of missionaries that will take care of them and love them as well.

Yesterday I had the opportunity to share my testimony one last time. Of course I cried through the whole thing, but I talked about understanding and having faith in the will of God. I looked at this sweet ward that I have come to love and it was hard to think that I will not be with them, but I am so blessed to know them and honestly I would not change these experiences that I have had for anything.

Well for all of you that have been praying for me thanks a bunch, and I plan on continuing my little blog with the next ventures of faith that I will be having. Guys I know that the Church is true. I have given everything I have got to share that message. I have definitely been through the refiners fire and I have come out better than I when I entered….. and without a gallbladder. I LOVE Guatemala, even the hot days, monkey uterus, dengue, yellow eyes. What a blessing it has been to serve. Christ lives, and through that we can overcome whatever trial that passes in our lives. I love you all and cannot wait to see you all!!!!! Siga pilas mis patojos! Hope on!

Con Amor,
Hermana Edwards


And then some miracles happened…..

Well for those of you have not spoken to my mother this past week has been quite the trek for me, here we go.

Just a little over a week ago I was started to hurt but pain is just apart of life so I didnt say anything. It was Wednesday when we went to lunch with the Elders and one of them looked at me and said Hermana Edwards you just went paper white what is going on. My comp just told him my color was ocming back, but the ELders woulod not take that for an answer. I then received a blessing from them and called the nurse and had orders to get some tests done.

Exactly my full year mark in Guate I was in a doctors office getting blood drawn. THe following day we got the results and I was sent right into the hospital where they hooked me up to an IV and started taking blood out of my body like it was a sport. My comp still didnt believe me that I wasnt feeling well. THe doctors kept talking about me going back to the States because they could not help me here……. that sa joke. Friday night was a rough night in the hospital but Saturday came and I woke up real early and started to study. The assistants to the President showed up to give me a blessing and they told me through my faith I would see miracles…… and that is exactly what happened.

All of the things that they were woried about on Friday kind of just disappeared and they only had to focus in on the procedure of the day. Now, remember 2 months back when I got my gallbladder taken out….. I guess some of those stones escaped and made their way down. FOr the procedure they put a tube down my throat and worked away basically having a war with my stomach. After 2 and a half hours of the procedure I was done. And I guess I was pretty darn funny when I woke up, I was contacting the doctors and nurses in Spanish….. the Church is true.

Current update I am out of the hospital and I think my comp finally believes me that I was a little sick…… But i have some members that are really helping me out and trying to take care of me. I am doing a lot better, my stomach is sore but I guess that is what happens when WWIII takes place inside your body. also my throat hurts…… but they did stick a tube down it so allis well. THe doctor that was heading my procedure told me it was the hardest surgery that he has had to do. He told me that he didnt know that he could do the things he did. Miracles.

More than anthing I know I have apurpose here. THis is 2 stays in the hospital, and 2 times that i have been given the chance to stay and finish my mission. I am grateful for trials, I am grateful for faith, I am grateful for the prayers of my mom. Well I hope you enjoy the fotos. We have pre operation and post operation……. THanks for your thoughts and prayers I love you all! Take care!

Con amor
Hermana Edwards


1 Year Mark Today

Hey folks! How’s it going? I sure hope all is well.

Well after almost a year without seeing the temple I had the chance to go back…… and remind you I have not been to the temple in a year….. and it was all in Spanish. I am so grateful that I have got a year under my belt, that made things a lot easier. But what a blessing it was to return to the temple. I find a lot of comfort in the temple, I find peace, I find a little more faith, and I find more hope. It is amazing what sitting in the House of the Lord can do for you. I was sitting and looking up and on the ceiling was a lot of little mirors that made a sun. It was a beautiful. Sometimes we just need to look up to receive the hope or the faith or the guidance that we need. I love the temples.

Almost 1 year ago I got onto a plane for Guatemala. It is unreal. A lot has happened in one year. For those of you who are new, or those of you who forget I will give you a little low down on what has happened.
-Received the name devil in the CCM
-I ate monkey uterus (better believe we will never forgot that one)
-Hit up the most dangerous area in zona 18 for 6 weeks
-Then was kicked out of the cap to live in the hottest area for a few months (7 months)
-Learned a little bit of Spanish
-Forgot a little bit of English
-Spread the good word of God
-Learned how to cook like a Catracha
-Met Elder Cook
-Chatted with Elder Conman Earl
-Taught some lessons
-Got my gallbladder taken out
-Watched people change to enter the waters of baptism
-I personally changed
-Still am learning to be a better servant
-Finally got to return to the temple

That is just the short run down, clearly other things happened…. but nobody got time for that.

This week we had the goal to find 15 new investigators….. we only found 14. I have never been rejected so many times in my life. It used to really upset me, how could these people reject something that is so pure and so beautiful…… still it hurts when I get rejected, but maybe it is not their time and I know at least I am talking with everyone. I quite enjoy talking with everyone, it is fun and in Spanish…. who would have thought. Working here is a lot different than outside the cap, but I am learning, I am learning to work more with the members and depend on them and gain their confidence because that is where the work is.

But I am grateful to be a missionary. I am grateful for all of the things that have happened. I am grateful for the good and the bad, the hard and the easy, the outside the cap and the inside the cap. Honestly I do not have words to fully express my love for this great work other than it is worth it. Everything that has happened is more than worth it and I am so blessed to have 6 more months of this wonderful work. Well my dear friends I love you all and hope that you can find ways to help in the missionary work. There is nothing greater in this world than sharing the good news of the gospel. Blessings to you all!

Con amor
Hermana Edwards

ps Bishop Young if you are reading this I would like you to know I am listening to the Mormon channel and one of your songs just came on….. bien hecho patojo



Week 51

Well Kids I already sent a letter but somewhere between here and the USA it got lost in space so here comes the 3 minute run down.

1. We got cellphones at our zone conference (yeah just like the missionaries in the states)
2. I love mariachi bands, I will now bring one to every family event
3. This week was family week and we found 3 families which is something that is very hard to do here in the capital

Now onto other things. There is a family here that I love a lot. They remind me a lot of my own family. The dad is taking online courses from BYU Idaho and needs a peer tutor and he has permission to use the missionaries. I got the chance to talk to him about what I am doing now and my goals for the future. I got to thinking and realized that my future as a missionary in Guatemala is coming to an end faster than I realize. It made me nervous, but I know that just as God has a purpose for me here, he has a purpose for me after. I got to thinking about what I have done in the past year, and it is a lot, I have seen people change, I have learned and am still learning a language, I have changed (I dont have my gallbladder anymore) I have eaten some pretty funky things, I have lived on the beach, I have gained more hope and more faith. I think that is the most important things. I have faith and with that my hope has increased. There is a quote by Elder Holland that has helped me a lot it is ”Trust God and believe in good things to come” It really is that easy. I trust God and through that I know good things come and are here. I love you all and challenge you to increase your hope. Have hope, have faith, and never ever give up!

Con Amor
Hermana Edwards

Feeling Great!!

After skyping with Alyssa yesterday, I can definitely say that she if feeling 100% better. She was quick witted, her testimony and love of the people was shining brightly. She was at the church skyping with us and many of the members would stop in to talk to her and say “hi” to us. It was so much fun to listen to her interact with them in Spanish and we found it very entertaining that she definitely speaks Spanish better than English at this point.

Date: Mon, 12 May 2014 16:56:41 -0600

Well sad thing firs,t I do not know what is up with my computer, but I can not post the pics from this last week…. rats…. we will just have to wait for next week.

But now onto the good stuff.

This past week was great. We were preparing a family for baptism. But of course as things go we hit a big bump in the road during interviews. Shoot. It ended up that two of the five people that we were going to baptize had to talk with our Mission President. It was hard for the two of them because they wanted to be baptized as a family. That same night the Mission President called the family and they were given permission to be baptized. It was a miracle. So on Saturday we had the grand opportunity to watch a family of 5 people enter the waters of baptism. I have never seen anything so special in my life. After the baptism, I asked how they felt and one of the ones that almost couldnt get baptized told me she felt free. And that is what the Atonement is. The atonement is liberation from our sins. We do not have to carry that burden. These two sweet people had been carrying a burden that was very heavy for a very long time and now they are free, because the Atonement works. It truly works and it truly heals. I am so grateful for that testimony building experience that that family gave to me. I would just like to use this opportunity to invite all of you to apply the Atonement better to your lives. If you are hurting or down trodden, it will lift you up and you will be free too.

Now onto other news. We all know the well anticipated mothers day call was yesterday…… I forgot to say Happy mothers day because I was just so dang excited to see my cute family. I was finally able to make contact with them after a suprise baptism that we were in charge of. And boy was I just as happy as a Guatemalan dog. I saw all of my cute family and my family got to see some of my Guate peeps. And they showed me that they are following in the Mothers Day tradition of using pinatas to celebrate. And this year was a special pinata. It was a monkey…. without a uterus (shout out to my first area and worst food I ever ate) but I hope it had its gallbladder….. but who knows. It really was special to talk to them, it is the last time that I get to talk to them before I go home…. that is if I don’t get operated on again….. It just shows how fast the time is going.

But this week was wonderful. I love moms, I love Guatemala, I love baptisms, I love the Atonement, I love being a missionary, I love that my dad still wears a Charlie Brown shirt and my comp tells me he dresses like a child….. I love a lot of things and there are a lot of things to love. Well know that i have just thrown out everything that I have in mind. I sure hope that you are all are doing well. Shout out to the moms out there…. good work ladies. I hope you all have a good week, do something nice for someone! Peace and Blessings!

Con amor
Hermana Edwards

Back to the Cap

Hermana Edwards is doing great and settling in nicely to her new area. She told me not to worry because she is not in Zone 18 (her favorite thug area) and she believes she is in Zone 11 which is to the north of Guatemala City. She is excited to start working there and loves her new companion from El Salvador and her new apartment.

Thank you to all for your love, support and prayers for her over the last few weeks as she has been mending from the dengue fever and gall bladder surgery.

Date: Mon, 5 May 2014 13:33:47 -0600
Subject: back to the cap

Well folks we meet again.

First off I would like to proudly report that I am currently not sweating….. that is the first time in 7 months…. now you are probably asking why….. it is because I had changes…….

My heart hurts, but my new area is great. Let me tell you a little about where I am. I am in the capital so that is neat. I am in a ward….. again first time in 7 months-…. that has 200 people. My obispo is active, we have paved roads, the road have names, people have cars and couches, there are no wild cows and horses roaming in the streets, nor is there snakes. Wow I am almost in the United States…. casi….. Oh yeah and we have a Walmart! Yippee!

Well I have only had a few days here in this area but it is great. It is harder to get into houses because the people just don’t want to open their doors. I have had more people reject me in the past few days then I had in all of my time in Puerto Barrios. So their are definitely pluses and well not pluses here. But the members here are one of a kind. In my ward we have some of the first members of Guatemala. Isn’t that nuts, I have the great opportunity to know the first pioneers of Guatemala. I am so fortunate, these people have a strong pure love for the gospel.

Honestly I do not have much to say about this week….. this next week I am sure there will be more. But I do want to share a thought that came to mind while I was studying this past week. I was reading about the atonement. I love the atonement. The atonement truly was the perfect sacrifice, because it was not just a sacrifice for a little bit of time but it was an eternal sacrifice. What a blessing. And it is through this sacrifice that we can do hard things. Yeah that is all I got.

I hope you are all doing well. Keep hoping on, keep keeping on. Pray every day. ANd do goood things! I love you all, have a good week and a wonderful mothers day!

Con amor,
Hermana Edwards

Week 48

Hey guys! Whats up?

I know I say this in every letter…… but really it is sooooo hot…….. but that is the weather update for the week.

Now onto bigger news. Yesterday we were supposed to receive the call for transfers….. yeah that did not happen. We are still waiting to know what will happen. But I do not beleive that we have changes….. at least I sure hope not. My comp has been such an angel. She has taken care of me for the past few weeks. I do not really like to receive help, but I trust my comp. In the hospital the nurses were trying to do everything for me… like brush my teeth, help me use the bathroom, shower me…. and I would not have none of that, but my comp has truly been such a blessing.

Also this past week we had a few baptisms. Between the two sets of missionaries that are in this little branch – we have baptized 7 people. It was super neat. I love the missionaries that I get to work with, I am blessed. But it definitely was not easy to get all of those people in the water…. but like always it was worth it. Sunday we had to confirm all of them and it literally was 30 minutes of confirmations…… and after that my comp and I had to speak. My comp took up about 10 minutes and left me with about 30 seconds….. game on. But it was a good day nonetheless.

This past week was good, it was calm. We just worked really hard to care for the people that we were going to baptize. Oh we did find another snake…. but this one was alive. My comp was almost in tears and a couple of men saw that she went white and asked us what was going on. I yelled back there is a snake and they came booking it down the hill to see. I told them to calm down I just wanted a picture, and they told me pretty dolls like me should take pictures of pretty things. I wanted to tell them to back off….. but I decided that was too sassy. So I gave them a little folleto…… I do not remember that word in English…… and was on my way.

But over all it was a good week. My comp and I have been working on growing our faith. My faith is not perfect, and it wont be while I am here on the Earth. But with that knowledge I know that I can always progress. Everyday I ask my comp or she asks me, how is your faith or where is your faith. It has been pretty neat to see how much faith plays a role. Faith is everything. With my faith I have hope. With my faith I have love. With my faith I have charity. Faith is a little seed, and when we plant it and nourish it, it will give us so much more.

I hope that you all have a good week and can work on your faith. Be faithful, have hope and keep moving forward!!!! Be happy folks! I love you all and will talk to you soon!

Con Amor
Hermana Edwards